Beauty off W. Soda Rock Wrapped up Quickly

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A patient approach to making an offer in the Healdsburg real estate market might have been a splendid idea as recently as six months ago. Today, it’s a recipe for missing out on the chance to submit an offer. The number of homes that are going into escrow rapidly after hitting the market continues to grow. The most recent example is a wonderful listing just off W. Soda Rock.

The setting is beautiful and the house is filled with wonderful details. At $6.75 million it should be a great house, and it is. The listing agents, Sheri and Bob Morgensen and Butch Haze did an excellent job helping to set the price. Less than 30 hours after hitting the market, the property was in contract. Think about that as a potential buyer yourself. If you were competing for this property, you and your agent would have had barely more than a day to:

  • Hear about the listing
  • Decide to see it
  • Arrange a showing
  • Decide to buy it
  • Write the contract
  • Get signatures
  • Present the offer to the seller
  • Get seller signatures

This is some serious “get your butt in gear” activity taking place. It’s a reminder that to succeed in today’s market you have to be prepared to move quickly and decisively. You have to have studied the market to know what a fair price looks like so you can identify a good opportunity when you see it. Just as importantly, you need to have all your finances lined up ahead of time. That includes loan pre-approvals, proof of funds for down payments, and a solid knowledge of what you are willing to pay and can afford. If you don’t have those things, you aren’t ready to buy.

Ceiling detail from the library

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